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Model: CM-35 Uniplast Die-forming Machine  (Click for details)
◇High stability and easy for the operation;
◇Moulds are made of high quality steel, long-shelf life, High precision;
◇Uniplast dies change can be completed within several minutes;
Model: TLC-300 Chain-die Forming Machine  (Click for details)
◇A high operating speed machine, relative big diameter for turning rollers;
◇Can be combined with the production line;
◇High precision, long-life performance, high stability;
Model: CY-350 /500 Soft candy/hard candy Die-forming Machine  (Click for details)
◇Design for dye-clapping forming style;
◇It is an ideal machine for production of die-formed hard candy and soft candy;
Model: BT300 Flat-type Lollipop die-forming & wrapping machine  (Click for details)
It is stepless-speed adjusted, and combines the process of syrup auto-feeding, auto stick-insertion, lollipop forming, outgoing and four-size sealed wrapping in one machine.
Model: GD-50 Laboratorial Candy depositing machine  (Click for details)
◇ This machine can produce hard candy, jelly candy, toffee and other candies that can be produced by depositing.
◇ This machine has the advantages of compact structure, stable performance and being controlled easily.
◇ Dosing can be made optionally .This machine can running with stepless speed change if required.
◇  This machine has the setting of automatic tracking and checking setting of moulds, if there is not any mould, depositing will be stopped.
◇ This machine is controlled by program that is to make machine more stable and exact when machine runs.
◇ Compressed air is the running power, and the whole surrounding of operation is sanitary, cleanliness and according with GMP.
Model: QJ300 Chocolate Shell &Triple Shot Molding Plant  (Click for details)
QJ300 is the sophisticated line designed for multi-purposed of performing all kinds of molding process:
◇ Solid molding
◇ Shell molding
◇ One shot and triple shot
◇ Centra-filling
◇ Mass with inclusion
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