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Kitchen equipment
Model: CDR 300/600/1000 Cooling Drum  (Click for details)
Trait:     CDR series is a continuous cooling unit for caramel and chewy masses. The unit comprises a specially designed hopper to receive the product from the cooker and spread it evenly on the surface of the drum. It is available with a diameter of 1000mm , 1600mm, the capacities upto 1000kgs/h. The drum is cooled through cooling liquid circulation in the jacket of the drum’s surface. The latter is lubricated continuously to prevent the product from sticking to it.
Model: ATC 500/1000 Automatic Toffee Cooking Equipment  (Click for details)
Trait:     The ATC 500/1000 series are a range of highly flexible kitchen equipment for various types of confectionery, specially for the production of caramel or toffee.
Model: FCC 600/1200 Flash Chamber Vacuum Cooker  (Click for details)
◇All the cooking conditions are controlled via a PLC controller.
◇All the mass are transported via the loading and unloading pumps controlled by a frequency inverter.
◇The two steam valve automatic controllers are installed on the microfilm cooker which can very precisely control the heating temperature within ±1℃.
Model: PLC automatic weighing and rapid dissolving system  (Click for details)
◇PLC control auto-weighing of the raw materials.
◇Recipes are programmed into the memory through touch screen.
◇The weight is charged by weighing sensor, accurate and rapid. 
◇Sugar crystals are dissolved at an adjustable counterpressure by means of a self-developed pressure-holding valve. In the unit, the batch is heated up without evaporation ,but completely dissolved, and comes out a 70~90% syrup.
◇Dissolving, no cooking. The whole dissolving process is short, the syrup will be no burnt-out under a relative low temperature. The syrup is clear and transparent .That is the core of making final good quality products.
◇Energy saving dissolving under pressure and low temperature.
◇Continuous production. All requirements for the depositing batches can be met.
Model: AWS500/1000 Automatic PLC Weighing Dissolving Mixing System  (Click for details)
Trait: YINRICH’s AWS-500/1000 offers more than automatic  weighing, dissolving  and mixing of raw material with inline transport to one or more production units. It also forms a basis for the continuous production. It is an auto-ingredient weighing system for the processing of confectionery and beverage industry.
Model: LX400 Continuous Vacuum Cooker  (Click for details)
Trait: The cooker is easy for operating and has a durable function.
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