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Chocolate machinery
Model: QJ50 Small Capacity Chocolate Molding Plant  (Click for details)
Trait:     QJ50 small capacity chocolate molding plant can produce out good quality chocolate products such as “central filling”, “small nuts pieces mixed” (grain is less 3mm) chocolate and Pure chocolate products.
Model: QJ175 Chocolate Depositing Line  (Click for details)
Trait: The line is an advance equipment for the chocolate deposited products. It is comprised of activities of mould drying ,depositing, vibrating, cooling, de-moulding, and transporting in one unit ,and it is automatically controlled by a PLC.
Model: TYJ600/800/1000 Chocolate Enrobing Machine  (Click for details)
Trait: This machine can make out the chocolate coated products of special taste and flavor.
Model: QRX-2000 Chocolate Block Dissolving System  (Click for details)
Trait: The unit is made up of high-speed grinding machine(press roller & grinder), spiral dissolving & extruding machine and storage tank.
Model: BWG500 /1000 Chocolate Warm Keeping Tank  (Click for details)
Trait: It is a container for chocolate syrup to be kept in rated temperature after fine milling.
Model: JMJ-500 /1000 Chocolate Refiner Conches  (Click for details)
Trait: The machine is a key equipment in chocolate production line.
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